LIME flowers and LILIES

| LIME flowers and LILIES |

LIME flowers and LILIES … most popular flowers in season, around here …

NATURE is always a good muse and inspiration. I’ve changed the city for the forest … and here NATURE is a major component of every day living. I am trying to exercise my way of seeing NATURE and everything that is beautiful in it.

I left behind, in Romania, my arsenal of floral structures and now I am replacing all that, with new acquisitions, most of them from antique shops 🙂 ! Nature in its beauty and vintage pots … I think that is a combination that brings CONTRAST and BEAUTY 🙂 !

Those LILIES are the most popular flower around here … and LIME flowers are something that I love … both of them in today floral composition.

Photo & Design: YaU Concept

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